We are particular about selecting fresh, handpicked produce and concentrate on the customer's needs.
  Since our establishment, we have all along foreseen today's luxury and "real thing" food tendencies and have succeeded in commercializing "Kazunoko Konbu", which was being distributed only in a limited area, and in putting the product into general distribution routes.
This has led the way to our remarkable progress.
Since then, we have been cultivating new tastes and unfamiliar ingredients as popular tastes in dishes.
We incorporate into every product our passion to create products that go beyond preconceived ideas and our particular ideas about food.
  Toward the food culture of the new generation.
  In 1973, Daiei Foods began as a food processor, developing and processing sea foods and luxury dishes.
Although established at the height of confusion brought on by the '73 oil shock, we foresaw today's trends towards gourmet food and "the real thing." We believed that "the times would shift to a desire for quality over quantity."
Since then, we have been consistently aiming for quality food production with high added value, one step ahead of the times.
Based on the ideal to "create a company that enables each employee to have dreams and ambition", all employees have worked with a management mentality, courageously seeking new food cultures and customer satisfaction(CS), without fear of risk and with utter disregard for the impossible.
Hereafter the border of food is being disappeared more and more, from a pioneer that offers foodstuff arranged for Japanese style and a seafood company to an all round "food" company, we now enter our 2nd birth in an on-going aim for progress. By giving full play to our youthful vitality and flexible ideas, we would like to do our best to continue providing new products and real tastes that immediately respond to the needs of the times.