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Fresh ideas and technologies have allowed the development of our products, we have established the new seafood culture to embark on abroad.
Healthy and delicate flavored Japanese food is now popular among people all over the world. Daiei Foods arranges the mild Japanese dietary habits to the products of each country, according to its characteristic tastes.
We began by exporting these products to the U.S. We currently export to all of North America, Southeast Asia and Europe. Chinese overseas, especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia are fond of our chuka delicacies such as Japanese-style "Chuka Sarada Series" of "Chuka Kurage","Chuka Tako", and "Chuka Wakame". These have become popular products around the world.
On the other hand, we have also introduced each country's special dishes to Japan as new tastes after processing them into flavors palatable to Japanese.
Since 1990, we have been participating in "the World Food Festival", held annually in Hong Kong, in addition to "World Sea food Show", held annually in Japan. We are also actively promoting business activities in America and Europe. Besides, we purchase ingredients abroad to secure a steady supply route of fresh, high-quality ingredients.
We hae succeeded in reducing the costs of sea food products by understanding constantly changing fish costs and market prices. Some of our cooperative factories that trade both home and abroad are financed by us.
Furthermore, we are positively employing staffs from abroad in order to promote both import and export.