Our own original system allows all departments to unite to deal with the customer's needs.
Daiei Foods has a nationwide network that allows us to bring tasty foods from Hokkaido in the far north to Kyushu and Okinawa in the south.
Customer requests will be fed back to the head office's Product Development and Quality Control Divisions through Sales Division. We are developing our original daily products based on teamwork between both divisions and on precise marketing activities.
The head office factory produces the products targeted for the general consumers.
The products will be responsibly repacked by affiliate, Daiei Repack Service Co.,Ltd. So that the products can be displayed directly at supermarkets and department stores.
The Tohoku factories, with premises of 3.24 acres, are located within the limits where houses and factories do not coexist.
They mainly mass produce for businesses using natural water abundant in minerals, which streams out of the system of the Mt. Abukuma.
The products are immediately delivered from the distribution center through each regional relay station.
We will continue to try our best to strengthen and improve our organization to better respond to food needs.