We strictly follow the principal at the food hygiene level , HACCP(Hazard Analysis-Critical Control Point System) that is spotlighted all over the world.
Concern about food sanitation control is currently increasing all over the world.
In this country too, HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System),which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare intends to administer nationwide as a new standard of food sanitation, is gaining public interest.
HACCP is a program for sanitation control developed by NASA.
Its original purpose was to raise the quality of space foods to avoid contamination.
HACCP is a method that specifies and analyzes germs and any other foreign substances at each stage of the production process.
In this way, HACCP is totally different from any of the food inspection procedures currently operating in Japan that only check samples from the final products.
Daiei Foods has always operated with a high level sanitation control system. We intend, however, to introduce HACCP and to acquire ISO for optimum sanitation control and aim to provide consumers with safe, clean and quality food products.