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Love nature, cleanliness, as a sect and a corporate culture suitable for a food company

Daiei Foods Charter of Employees

1. Even while competing among our employees, let's build a cheerful, cheerful and cheerful atmosphere for each other.
2. Foster a tough professional spirit and build a workplace that does not inconvenience society and colleagues.
3. Firmly keep rules and discipline, build a workplace where work is worthwhile, build a corporate culture.
4. Increase your knowledge and culture, and build a corporate style that tradition is breathtaking.
5. Let's love nature, cleanliness, cleanliness, build society and build a culture that is suitable for food companies.

Yasuto Oka

Company Profile

company name Daiei Foods Co., Ltd.
head office Kanagawa Prefecture Sagamihara city Minami-ku Soubudai2-5-30
PHONE:046-266-2200 FAX:046-254-2100
Sagamihara factory Kanagawa prefecture Sagamihara-shi Minami-ku Asamizodai8-35-37
PHONE:042-745-0048 FAX:042-745-0028
Chiba Katori factory Chiba Katori City Omigawa Matsuai2170-1
PHONE:0478-83-2010 FAX:0478-83-2012
Distribution center Yokohama Frozen Isehara Logistics Center
Kanagawa Prefecture Isehara City Utagawa 2-1-1 PHONE:0463-97-4661
Affiliate Daiei Ri Pack Service Co., Ltd.
Kanagawa prefecture Sagamihara-shi Minami-ku Asamizodai8-35-37
Date of establishment February 1972
Capital 50 million yen
Representative Director and President Yasuhito Oka
Business contents Manufacture and sale of seafood prepared dish
number of employees 190
Main bank Mizuho Bank Machida Branch | Shizuoka Bank Sagami-Ono Branch | Yokohama Bank Sagami-Ono Branch | Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Machida Ekimae Branch | Toho Bank Tomaba branch
Main supplier Domestic trading company and raw materials imported(Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, etc.)
Main sales destination Each central wholesale market, food service industry companies, convenience store companies, mass retailers, All overseas(Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Australia, North America, Russia, Europe,other)other
Subcontract factory Domestic and several overseas companies

Corporate history

February 1973 Head office and factory established in Zama city, Kanagawa prefecture
February 1977 New headquarters in Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture, relocated
November 1978 Distribution center established in Ayase City, Kanagawa prefecture
October 1984 Newly established Hemp Shibata Plant in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture (now Sagamihara Factory)
March 1986 Establishment of headquarters in Mae Gotokodai Factory, relocation
February 1990 New Tohoku plant established in Naraba Industrial Park of Naraha-cho, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture
October 1995 Relocation of delivery center to Shonan Toyo Nakai Refrigeration Factory in Nakai Town, Ashigami-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
September 1999 Kanagawa prefecture Sagamihara city head office newly established, relocation (present head office)
September 2005 Transfer center to Yokohama Frozen Isehara Center in Isehara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture (current distribution center)
October 2007 Reorganized Tohoku plant as HACCP compatible factory
2008 Monde Selection In "General Foods Division" "Tobiko" "Chinese Jellyfish" Gold Award W Awarded
"China Jellyfish" Fisheries Agency Director General Award at the 57th National Fishery Processed Food Exhibition
March 2011 Temporary closure of the Tohoku plant due to the Great East Japan Earthquake
July 2011 Yokohama Plant is newly established in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
July 2014 Newly established Chiba Katori factory in Katori city, Chiba.
October 2015 Acquired North America HACCP certification at Chiba Katori factory
March 2017 Acquired Halal Certification at Sagamihara Works
November 2017 Acquired EU-HACCP certification at Chiba Katori factory

Daiei Foods Co., Ltd.

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