We Daiei Foods, a new wave on the table,
I will continue to send out new emotions.

The need for "food", from upgrading,
To the era of high quality and advanced.

Manufacture and sale of seafood prepared dish


The need for "food" comes from high class
To the era of high quality and advanced.

The basis of a healthy and prosperous life begins with a fulfilling diet.
Daiei Foods uses fresh raw materials gathered from all over the world to make creative ideas and delicious food
Creating a food culture company.
It is a challenge company that delivers the pleasure of meeting new tastes, directing rich sense of taste and pursuing and providing the form of "food" that the times always seek.
We Daiei Foods will continue sending a new wave, a new impression on the table.


Chiba Katori factory EU-HACCP certification acquired.


Chiba Katori Factory Acquired North American HACCP certification.


Daiei Foods Co., Ltd.

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