Overseas expansion

Establish a new seafood food culture and go abroad


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Developing hit products with innovative ideas and technologies, establishing a new seafood food culture and entering overseas.

Japanese food with a healthy and delicate flavor attracts the attention of people all over the world.
In Daiei Foods, we arrange the mild food culture unique to Japan to products that match the taste of the people of the country and export it to the USA, North America, South East Asia and Europe. Among others, in Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Chinese daily dishes such as our Japanese "Chinese Jellyfish", "Chinese octopus", "Chinese wakame", "Chinese salad series" and so on are handed to local Chinese residents It became familiar and became a hit product across the border.

At the same time, we process local products of each country into products matching the taste of the Japanese, and introduce it as a new taste. In addition to the "World Seafood Show" held annually in Japan, since 1990, we have also exhibited at the "World Food Festival" held in various countries around the world, actively promoting sales activities in Europe and the United States.

We are also expanding the purchase of raw materials overseas to develop a stable supply route for fresh and high quality materials. Purchasing is grasping the status of landing and ticker that changes constantly and realizes cost reduction of goods. There are many cooperating factories both in Japan and abroad. In addition, we are actively working not only to promote import and export but also to recruit foreign staff for oversea sales of our products.

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