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Selected based on taste and needs of the times "Attention to taste"

Monde Selection W awarded
(Chinese jellyfish・Tobi-kko)

Daiei Foods has greatly expanded the Japanese food market from domestic to overseas. We have undertaken creative product development with accurate needs and tastes of consumers.

"Chinese jellyfish" received the gold medal in the general food category in 2008 "Monde Selection", its quality has been acknowledged worldwide authority, and even now it is a representative daily dish that boasts the top share.
The product series of Daiei Foods, which sticks to taste, has gained popularity both from home and abroad.

Welcome to major products

As pioneers continue to provide ingredients arranged in Japan, from seafood companies to all-round companies of "food" as more and more "borderlessization of food" progresses, Aiming for a leap, it is now the 2nd establishment period. From now on, I would like to take full advantage of providing youthful behavior and flexible thinking in the hands and providing new products and genuine taste that respond quickly to the needs of the times.

Chinese-style jellyfish

Flying Fish Roe

Chinese-scallop Strips

Octopus with Wasabi

Canadian-Produced Sakhalin Surf Clam salad

Chinese-style Wakame Seaweed

Piquant Japanese Scallops

Chinese-style Octopus

Over 70 other types in addition

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